Pan Britannia About Us


Pan Britannia specializes in the provision of eCommerce, international trade, and logistical services. Our strong research and development background, coupled with our extensive experience and expertise in the logistics and information sectors makes us the unrivalled choice in Europe for comprehensive advice and project management that propels the bottom line of your business.

Our core service lies in developing strategic business solutions for eCommerce retailers and international B2B companies. PBC has the power to dramatically optimize business processes, aiming to increase the overall performance of our clients through expert guidance on a variety of crucial factors. Our expertise can aid in multi-channel retail systems integration, enhancement of logistics processes and the design of fulfillment strategies that bridge the gap between you and your customers.

Pan Britannia is constantly working to foster new ways to amplify the performance of our clients. Our industry professionals and researchers are divided into two highly capable departments, who work together to guarantee the most cutting edge systems, methods, and technologies are available to your company.

Our Engagement Team comprises of a plethora of experts from the fields of IT, eCommerce, retailing, logistics, international trade, and management consulting. PBC’s world class information systems take advantage of the abundance of Big Data and advanced analytics to give our Engagement Team the tools and knowledge to tailor relevant, exact and innovative business solutions that are designed to complement and build upon our clients’ existing business models.

Furthermore, our dedicated research and development center has at its disposal world class academics and senior industry figures from across the IT, logistics and commerce sectors. The center’s development focus lies in forming and establishing cutting edge technologies that boost eCommerce, economize on logistics activities, and extract real value from big data. Examples include the development of cloud logistics, dynamic decision making and simulation tools, and methods that help clients take absolute advantage of Customer Relationship Management systems and databases.

Panbritannia is a European leading specialist firm of ecommerce, international trading and logistics consultant.
Our major services are to provide consultancy and advice business solutions for ecommerce retailers and international B2B companies for strategizing their business, optimizing their business processes and performance, multi-channel retailing systems integration and logistic and fulfillment strategy design.

  • Research center—Panbritannia has a dedicated research center with academic researchers from world-class universities and senior managers from various industries. This center develops application methods and technologies for next-generation global ecommerce, logistics, information and customer relationship management, for example, agent-based dynamic decision-making and simulation system, clouding logistics system etc.
  • Engagement team—our people in this team are from different areas with respect to information technology, ecommerce, retailing, logistics, international trading, management consultancy etc. With using the world-class information system, commercial database and data analysis technology, this team is able to design the best solutions exactly tailored for you business case and requirements.