Company Service:

PBC’s comprehensive and trustworthy company service has the power to bring you or your eCommerce firm the full weight and advantage of being a registered UK company, regardless of where in the world you reside.  Registering through us means also taking full advantage of our unrivalled logistics and informational expertise, meaning entering the UK and EU market could be the next step to greatness for you or your online retail business.

UK law allows limited liability companies (Ltd.) and limited liability partnerships (LLP.) to be formed by non-residential entities. Including a registered UK company in your business strategy can boost your sales opportunities and have a positive impact on your company reputation in a variety of ways:

  • The formation of a UK company allows you to conduct your eCommerce business within the UK freely and easily. The huge consumer goods market presents excellent sales growth opportunities and the EU freedom of trade directives mean incorporating in the UK is an ideal stepping stone to the entire European market.
  • Our experts will help our clients on clear and transparent accounting and Tax returns that make trading uncomplicated and stress-free.
  • The legitimacy of your company in the eyes of your customers and suppliers will be underlined by the trust and acceptance that comes from being a UK based entity.
  • Limited liability protection is standard when registered as a UK company. Your personal assets are always protected should you suffer bankruptcy.
  • Easy access to a UK business bank account and the full benefits thereof.

Further to this, registering through PBC means your eCommerce company can take full advantage of our huge range of services, including:

  • Unbeatable prices for shipping and returns facilitated by our relationships with multiple couriers.
  • Fulfilment services including warehousing, picking/packing, and labelling that mean your products reach your new UK/EU customer in a safe and timely manner.
  • Expertise in low cost, fast, and accurate international shipping that take advantage of new, high-speed customs clearance methods.
  • Top class eCommerce consulting services, including assortment and pricing optimization, performance benchmarking and roadmaps to improve your online retail performance.