eCommerce Services


Brands, retailers and distributors take advantage of our extensive consultancy services in the eCommerce sector:

Pan Britannia Consulting provides brands, distributors, and retailers with world class e-commerce and logistics guidance that has proven capabilities to not only enhance sales but also to reduce the cost of our clients’ operations. Utilizing decades of experience and expertise in logistics and e-commerce, PBC can optimize the core operations of your business, including web, telephone and physical based activities. Our vast knowledge banks and information systems mean our clients can depend on us to elevate them above the competition.

Strategizing for Ecommerce Retail

PBC’s ecommerce clients are guaranteed our tailored logistics and information services at an unbeatable price. We provide valuable supplementation to clients’ business plans by improving upon current technical, operational and financial strategies with a view to maximizing your sales and revenue.

Automation Planning and Implementation

Automation of stock control, logistics, and fulfillment activities can be a key driver of profit and competitive advantage. Pan Brittania’s automation expertise helps our clients decide which, if any, automation technologies are right for them.

Expanding Internationally

Expansion into international markets can bring about huge revenue and market share opportunities. Whether you operate online or on the high street, PBC can provide you with expert advice and practical tools that ensure entering new territories is both obstacle free and cost effective.

Ecommerce Logistics

PBC specializes in forming and implementing complete ecommerce logistics solutions including shipping, order fulfillment, and inventory management, all backed by real data provided by our revolutionary information systems. PBC has the capability to propel your business by integrating logistics chains, improving efficiency of processes, and increasing productivity.

Ecommerce Platform Selection

Presenting your eCommerce offerings on the right platform is just as important as pricing strategy and product assortment. PBC’s extensive experience in selecting platforms and supporting technologies ensures your products are exhibited in the most effective possible environments.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

PBC understand the challenges that order fulfillment can bring. We aim to guide our clients to the best, most cost effective fulfillment methods that maximize both customer service and profit.

Contact Centres

Customer retention stems from customer experience and news of a bad experience always travels fast. PBC can form and implement plans to introduce top-class customer contact centers for ecommerce businesses as well as improving upon existing ones.

Systems Integration

PBC has the power to integrate systems that handle ordering, product information, website content, and more. With the ability to combine all these key components across web and mobile platforms, our clients can enjoy efficient and hassle free trading.

Operations Implementation

Our clients not only receive world class expert advice but also comprehensive implementation and project management. PBC’s all-encompassing service will work directly with your management team so that your exact needs are catered for.

Improving Performance

Our unique and exhaustive auditing process identifies both strengths and improvement opportunities within our clients’ current business models. By analyzing the performance of your marketing mix, user experience management and pricing strategies, PBC produces a three to five year growth plan that will enhance your bottom line and drive customer conversion and retention.