Contact Centres for eCommerce

PBC can vastly improve your customer contact experience, and therefore the overall experience of your clientele. eCommerce contact centres are not only greatly improved but also economised upon with our expert development methods.

Cataloguers, retailers and brands all take advantage of our expertise in the ways shown below:

  • We can enhance both productivity and service through the centralisation of telephone based communication.
  • We’re knowledgeable in the benefits of both in-house operations and outsourcing. We will determine and implement whichever strategy is right for your business.
  • We aid in the implementing and transitioning of in-house operations.
  • We provide insight into appropriate outsourcing options and their introduction.
  • Benchmarking is integral to understanding an eCommerce site’s current condition.  We utilize this tool to improve the site’s quality, cost effectiveness and productivity.
  • We understand the difficulties that surround international eCommerce. As a result, we offer aid in developing multi-channel contact centres with multi-lingual capabilities.
  • Reactive and proactive customer contact will be utilized through diverse social media channels.
  • We can aid with the design of workforce planning, along with a design for management information networks.
  • We will develop self-service capabilities that are also user friendly e.g. FAQs.
  • We will form a comparison of competing service providers for the purposes of full transparency.

The systems most appropriate to the following factors will be thoughtfully selected and carefully implemented:

  • Social media
  • Contacts
  • Live chat
  • Workforce
  • E-mail
  • Ordering
  • We design and set-up of fraud management systems that protect your legal interests.
  • We offer only ‘best practice’ designs for all of our client’s systems.
  • We offer absolute world-class project management, and our implementation is unbeatable.