eCommerce management

Choosing the right platform for your ecommerce business is a key success factor, and our expertise can guide you in this process.  Additionally, our consultants will aid in choosing supporting technology products, such as:

  • PIM – Product Information Management
  • OMS – Order Management Systems
  • DAM – Digital Assets Management
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • CMS – Content Management Systems

In less than five years, we have successfully formed over 40 separate platform selections, all of which have been extremely well-received by clients. This experience has allowed us to develop a client-friendly platform selection service that can aid your business by identifying the best technology for your unique needs. We can address everything from site enhancing ‘bolt-on’ apps and basic eCommerce operations to full ecommerce solutions.

We provide independent advice, meaning that we are 100% technology and supplier neutral.  Our first interest is always that of our clients. As our list of 450 crucial eCommerce ‘must-haves’ suggests, we have a thorough knowledge of both ‘bolt-on’ apps and top class sales platforms that can drive ecommerce for your business. Furthermore, we are expert integrators of these technologies and embrace the challenges that come with effectively implementing the most appropriate systems for your operational model.

We utilize two different approaches to platform selection:

A less in-depth approach is our rapid selection which takes approximately four to five weeks to complete. We will:

  • Design and produce a complete, fully functioning requirement report specific to your needs.
  • Evaluate a shortlist of vendors from the multitude on offer globally.
  • Make a recommendation on the technology, systems and suppliers best suited for your eBusiness.

For a more in depth and informed approach, we recommend our full selection which generally requires eight to ten weeks. We will accomplish the same tasks laid out in the rapid selection, and will additionally:

  • Distribute requests for proposals.
  • Act as a landing place for vendor responses.
  • Organise demonstrations of products agreed upon by you.
  • Examine and evaluate each vendor, assigning a score to allow easy comparison of services.

Our resume boasts the breadth of our experience.  Our services have been utilized all over the world in such places as the UK, United States, France, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Denmark and Italy.

Just as we embrace a global approach, we also expertly advise a wide range of clients, including:

  • Brands
  • Manufacturers
  • eCommerce Retailers
  • Distributors

Additionally, we have a wide range of expertise in eCommerce sectors.  These include:

  • General merchandise
  • Department stores
  • Toys
  • Luxury goods
  • Fashion
  • Grocery
  • Electrical
  • Health and Beauty
  • Telecoms

Plus many more