eCommerce: Expanding Into
the International Market

PBC’s goal is to aid you in the development and implementation of multi-territory expansion plans for your eCommerce business. Our expertise can assist with:

  • Entry strategies for international markets
  • Planning for online marketing
  • Operational preparation for introducing or up-scaling ecommerce activity
  • Development of the breadth of your eCommerce offerings

Expanding your eCommerce business into the international arena requires practical planning, feasibility analysis and operational strategizing. We administer all of these objectives, along with thorough implementation management. Our method encompasses three distinct phases, shown below:

Advance Planning

We will aid your executive teams with extensive research and market suitability analysis for each territory you wish to expand to.

  • We provide comparative analysis of various markets, identifying the most lucrative opportunities. These assessments will be formed around market accessibility and the probable competitiveness of your brand.
  • Local barriers to entry such as legal issues, technological hurdles and market forces will be considered. Our assessments will reflect whether each of these barriers might hinder successful eCommerce expansion for you, offering solutions where possible
  • A compilation of eCommerce audits and market entry reports will be made available, prioritising countries which PBC feels would be the best expansion opportunities for your business.
  • Furthermore, the most appropriate form of online retailing for synergetic brands will be evaluated, whether it be traditional, auction style, or demand collection based. We will determine the most advantageous marketing positions; as well pricing structures of your potential competitors.

International eCommerce: Profitability and Growth Optimization

  • We provide sustainable growth plans that aim to achieve healthy long term sales and market share in your new territory. We help develop a solid foundation that allows your business to achieve maximum profitability and scale-economies.
  • We will help you expand into surrounding territories through identifying local hubs relevant to the growth of your business. Your international network will be optimized to the best extent possible with a view to long term success.

Your International eCommerce Retail Plan Implemented

Your management team will be fully supported with our implementation solutions, detailed below:

  • We will provide effective SEO, powerful sales platforms and comprehensive cataloguing tools.
  • Appropriate partners for your venture will be outlined for you, as well as an ideal operating model. Options include outright ownership, franchising, concession, or a joint venture.
  • We focus on e-store roll-out, striving to guarantee that your assortment is matched to the perfect eCommerce platform.
  • We provide support and implementation on exports, imports, fulfilments and warehousing. PBC manages everything pertaining to the preparation of an ecommerce logistics chain suitable for international expansion.
  • The planning and adaption of organisational structure is considered to ensure maximum effectiveness of your expansion.
  • Our experts provide you with long term project management and implementation support.