Fulfilment & Logistics: Strategizing and Growth

PBC expertise lies in establishing and improving our clients’ logistics and fulfilment activities

PBC focuses on the difficulties involved in providing efficient delivery, warehousing and product returns in any supply chain. Our extensive experience gives us the edge to design cost-effective, useful and service driven fulfilment plans. We provide the following services:

  • Design and aligning your logistics strategy with your overarching business development strategy. This includes the network design, warehouse selection and sizing, as well as recommendations for optimal location.
  • One of our key focuses is on your in-house fulfilment with a strong emphasis placed on fulfilment capacity and capability. Our solutions seek to improve on accuracy, productivity and top class service. All of these efforts combine toward significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements.
  • PBC can assist in the integration of both eCommerce and merchandizing logistics whenever possible. This is achieved by utilizing common pick faces and shared stock so as to decrease warehouse size and inventory levels wherever feasible.
  • We provide guidance for your international logistics requirements in terms of maintaining efficient stock levels, product return issues and timely, cost effective delivery to customer.
  • We provide support for both the planning and selection of automation options where appropriate, as well as any required project management.

  • Your costs, customer experience management and productivity will be benchmarked and collated into reports for further review.
  • We will aid you in dealing effectively with third party delivery and fulfilment providers, offering consultation in both selection of appropriate suppliers and implementation of appropriate systems.
  • Our experts can help to design and/or improve upon your business’s ordering system, click and collect options and return logistics with a view to leaving your customers satisfied and retained.
  • We can aid in support and development of your field team and service engineers to equip them with the correct knowledge and tools to keep your business competitive and successful.
  • The most appropriate systems providers dealing in delivery, warehouse management and reverse logistics will be selected for your specific eCommerce operation so as to maximise the effectiveness of long term partnerships.