International eCommerce:  Logistics and Fulfilment

We help retailers to establish, grow and improve their ecommerce logistics and fulfilment operations through the following methods:

Low Cost and Reliable Goods Export and Import Solutions

Using PBC’s cutting edge logistics services means taking advantage of our efficient consignment information transfer methods that reduce delays at customs locations. This, alongside other leading customs clearance services, means your import and export activities could be completed quicker and cheaper than ever before.

Reasonably Priced International Logistics Solutions

International shipping is costly for any small to medium sized business. PBC’s experience in designing low cost logistics networks that cut through expensive layers of administration and paperwork means we can save your company money. Combining these systems with our vast knowledge of transportation, warehousing and shipping networks means we can provide the most efficient and effective integrated logistics solution for any size firm, uniting retail and ecommerce operations where possible.

Efficient International Fulfilment and High Quality Inventory Control

Product availability is a key driver of sales, and poor availability means poor customer retention. PBC is capable of integrating ordering systems, fulfilment systems and even sales information across continents to a level where complete ordering automation, if appropriate, is a reality. Our inventory management expertise can provide systems that mean your business need never experience overstock or stock-out again.