For Graduates

Recent university graduates have the opportunity to apply for practical positions that challenge the mind and encourage constant learning and improvement. Working for our consultancy team means you will aid in forming vital reports and strategies that our clients’ rely on to improve their bottom line. Those involved in our graduate scheme will be taught to apply concepts such as assortment optimization, data mining and in depth eCommerce industry analytics to give them the skillset to push our clients toward sustainable long term growth. Training is not simply a two week course – you will find that every new day with PBC is a learning experience, meaning not only that we have a world class consulting reputation, but also that our people have transferable skills that are  lifetime assets.

Our graduate colleagues have a full range of responsibilities that support our senior consultants. You will be involved in analysing our clients’ competitive offerings and working with our research centre to formulate cutting edge eCommerce and logistics methodology that can propel sales and economise on the cost of business processes. Whilst we expect high levels of initiative and strategic thinking, you will be supported at every step with all relevant learning materials and advice from our experienced senior consultants.