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Pan Britannia Consulting offers employment opportunities that foster education, encourage innovation, and drive ambition.

PBC’s clients rely on our consultants and developers to provide non-biased, leading edge eCommerce services, and delivering this service depends on having the greatest minds in the business on our team. Whether graduate or industry professional, our flat management structure means concept generation is never a top-down scenario – our peoples’ ideas all carry the same weight, on the basis of quality not seniority. Alongside highly competitive remuneration, working with us means access to, and involvement in, industry leading research and exciting, game changing concepts throughout the field’s eCommerce, supply chain, and logistics.


Our world class consulting services our concerned with the optimization of eCommerce processes, from micro level pricing strategy improvement to macro level supply chain analysis and enhancement. Our team consists of experts in systems architecture, decision making, software and information system development, business process optimization, collaborative commerce, and many other fields.

Joining Us

Consultants and developers are taken on at levels relevant to experience and all of our people have the opportunity for progression based on performance.  We consider applications from:

  • Industry professionals in the fields of eCommerce, logistics, and operations management.
  • Recent university graduates
  • Technology specialists in the fields of big data, enterprise systems, and logistics

Look at our ‘Available Positions’ if you feel PBC is the place for you. Don’t see any suitable jobs? We welcome CVs from experienced and driven people, just use the contact us tool.