Bricks-and-Mortar Manufacturers and Retailers

Is your independent retail store or manufacturing operation ready for the world of eCommerce? Pan Britannia Consulting can offer you a tailored, effective, and affordable solution that seamlessly takes your products from the high street or workshop to the eCommerce platform that is right for you. International online retailing and logistics services are our specialty, but whether you want to offer your products domestically or all over the world, PBC has the right solution. The full featured service offers many benefits, detailed in the service roadmap shown below:

Strategizing for your eCommerce launch:

Firstly, we assess your current offerings and identify your market niche. You will be provided with detailed information on how PBC’s eCommerce and logistics services can complement your existing strategy, and propel your operation toward online sales success. We can even tell you which international markets suit your offering, and how best to target these new potential customers.


Next, we deliver information about the surprising speed at which you could be trading online to customers across the globe; you will be fully informed about implementation methods and the value added optimization services we offer.

E-store production:

Alongside constant consultation between you and your account manager, your e-store or other sales platform presence will then be created. This includes all the guidance you need to quickly and conveniently list your product range, including ways to get the best from product images and descriptions.

Dynamically tailored logistics services:

Once you’re ready for launch, PBC will design a dynamically tailored logistics service plan that is appropriate for your product range, scale, and forecasted sales. Through the use of our cutting edge x@express or air and sea cargo services, your products could be delivered to your new online customers with unprecedented speed and cost-effectiveness. Not only do we deliver leading logistics, we also ensure that your service plan is constantly updated to reflect the latest business rates. Our considerable buying power with couriers and other providers means we can update you to the cheapest plan whenever it becomes available.

Support for your new online customers:

PBC can even provide support services for your new online customers. We can offer customized CRM software that draws on rich customer and transaction information, knowledgebase data, and logistics service data to give you all necessary tools to offer a one-stop shop for customer support.

Furthermore, we offer our own customer contact centres that are designed specifically to your need. Through call centre consolidation, we can provide for your customer support needs at an extremely affordable price. Our contact centres use the latest information systems and operational methods that mean efficiency and resolved query rates are high, whilst cost and call abandonment low.

Managing your new online operation:

Now that you’re up and running, PBC can give you the marketing boost you need by featuring you in all of our advertising channels across social media and the greater web. Alongside this, you can expect comprehensive, easy-to-digest information and tools that empower you to manage the online side of your business. In fact, your PBC account manager will always be on hand to answer your questions and as a key point of contact for the delivery of our services.


Our expertise and experience in eCommerce and logistics mean your new eCommerce offering will focus on ease-of-use for both you and your customers. When coupled with our optimization services that can concretely recommend pricing, assortment, and marketing strategies that maximise your online sales, PBC eCommerce services are a clear choice for any retailer or manufacturer looking to trade online for the first time.

Depending on the scale of your firm, many of the above services will be available for free when using our logistics services, please contact us to find out more.