eBay or Amazon sellers

Do you have an existing online sales operation using a platform such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or similar? You could benefit from PBC’s expertise in logistics and multi-platform management. Our services have the capability to propel your current sales to a global, cross-platform level that means real growth for your business. Our multi-platform expansion solution is detailed in the service roadmap below:

Strategizing for new platforms:

Firstly, we assess your current online presence and identify your market niche. You will receive valuable information on which platforms are most suitable for your businesses expansion, and how a website of your own, or a presence on a further auction or marketplace environment, will bring new customers domestically or from across the globe.


Next, you will be informed just how quickly you could have your own eCommerce website or second platform presence up and running, along with full details on how we plan to implement this. Details of all our value-added optimization services including pricing, assortment, and sales promotions, will be readily available,

E-store production or second platform presence integration:

Alongside constant consultation between you and your account manager, your e-store or second platform presence will then be created. Guidance on how to integrate your current catalogue and product information will be accessible, alongside inventory and ordering tools that mean your separate trading platforms act singularly and with minimum cost of stock-holding.

Dynamically tailored logistics service:

PBC’s cutting edge logistics services can integrate with your existing online seller presence and your new multi-platform offering. Once your new e-store or second platform presence is created, our x@express or air and sea cargo services will mean your products could be delivered to your new customers with unprecedented speed and cost-effectiveness. We also ensure that your service plan is constantly updated to reflect the latest market rates. Our considerable buying power with couriers and other providers means we can update you to the cheapest plan whenever it becomes available.

Optimize existing CRM and customer support:

PBC can subsequently aid in optimizing your existing customer service methods. We can offer customized CRM software that draws on rich customer and transaction information, knowledgebase data, and logistics services to give you all necessary tools to offer a one-stop shop for customer support.

Furthermore, we offer our own customer contact centres that are designed specifically to your need. Through call centre consolidation, we can provide for your customer support needs at an extremely affordable price. Our contact centres use the latest information systems and operational methods, customized to you, that mean efficiency and resolved query rates are high, whilst cost and call abandonment low.

Marketing and management:

Now that you’re up and running, PBC can give your e-store or second platform presence a valuable marketing boost by featuring it in all of our advertising channels across social media and the greater web. We will provide the tools and information that let you manage your e-store seamlessly and concurrently with your existing online sales offering.

Optimization services:

PBC will offer daily reports with analytics for your product assortment categories, with recommendations on which pricing strategies, new product line selections, and sales promotions will maximise your sales.

Our expertise and experience in eCommerce and logistics mean your new e-store or second platform presence will focus on ease-of-use for you and your customers, as well as being easy and convenient to operate alongside your existing offering. A PBC account manager, backed up by a senior consultant, will always be on hand as a key contact for queries and guidance. All PBC solutions have the capability to work hand in hand, but for more specific details on international expansion, please visit out “International Expansion” solution.

Depending on the scale of your firm, many of the above services will be available for free when using our logistics services, please contact us to find out more.