International Expansion Solution

Do you have an existing eCommerce website, Amazon, eBay, or similar platform presence? International expansion could be the route to increased sales and new opportunities. Expanding across continents brings challenges that trading domestically does not; PBC’s expertise and experience in eCommerce markets across the world means we overcome these obstacles for you, leaving you to focus on trade and growth. Our international eCommerce expansion solution is detailed in the service roadmap below:

Strategizing for international expansion:

Firstly, we assess your current online presence and identify your market niche. PBC’s knowledge of cultural consumer trends across the world will aid in our ability to detail your offerings that are most suited to new territories. You will be provided with customized information on which markets and product ranges could propel your sales to a global level. You will be supplied with a timescale and road map to completion that show just how quickly PBC can facilitate your international eCommerce expansion.

Platform selection and implementation:

Next, PBC will recommend the most suitable platform to retail your goods abroad. This could include your own e-store, or listings on marketplaces or auction sites in new countries. The production of e-stores, or listing of your offerings on other platforms, includes full translation and cross cultural adaption, meaning your offering is marketed in a localised, effective manner to your new potential customers.

Payment processing, taxation and legal issues:

We offer a full plan for international financial transaction processing, as well as comprehensive taxation and legal advice relevant to the territory you expand into. Your account manager, backed by a senior consultant, will always be available to address queries on these topics. Where appropriate, we provide a non-resident owned limited-liability company in your new territory, alongside a business bank account and all relevant benefits.

Dynamically tailored logistics services:

Fulfilling your sales to international customers is a challenge that PBC’s leading logistics services can overcome. Following platform selection and implementation, our cutting edge x@express and cargo services can deliver your products anywhere in the world at unprecedented speed and cost. Obstacles surrounding customs clearance will be mitigated with unique methods that cut through layers of administration, with an ultimate effect of cutting up to 30% from international shipping lead times that use traditional methods. Warehousing, picking, and packing can be organised where applicable. Our considerable buying power with couriers and other providers means you take advantage of the lowest possible business rates, and it is guaranteed that when a new logistics service plan becomes available, you will be transferred at no extra cost.

Support for your new international customers:

Providing top class customer support to customers in new territories can be handled by PBC. We can provide multi-lingual contact centres using the latest CRM technology and operational methods that mean efficiency and resolved query rates are high, whilst cost and call abandonment low. We can also provide cross-cultural adaptation and translation of existing FAQ’s, knowledgebase data, and product information so your new customer base is supported and informed at every stage.


Our experience and expertise in the international eCommerce sector means your new international presence, be it your own e-store or listings of your products on international marketplaces, will focus on ease-of-use for you and your customers. A PBC account manager, backed up by a senior consultant, will always be on hand as a key contact for queries and guidance.

Depending on the scale of your firm, many of the above services will be available for free when using our logistics services, please contact us to find out more.